Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Chance At Life

How I Live Now -Daisy and Piper
A Child Called It - David
Setting - The cousins house in England.

Daisy stood in the airport waiting for her cousin. They had never met before and Daisy had no clue who it was that she was looking for. All she was told was that he was a boy named David, who is a few years younger than her. Daisy was a teen with a big heart and was willing to except anything and anyone no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they have been. David on the other hand, wasn’t. He kept to himself because of his past. He was beaten by his mother throughout almost his whole life. It wasn’t that he was unfriendly; it was more so that he was afraid. Afraid to be himself, worried about what would happen to him. David was coming to live with Daisy and her other cousins because he needed a new start. “Excuse me, are you Daisy?” said an unfamiliar voice. Daisy turned. There stood a boy with a sadden face and what looked to be a body full of bruises and scars, and indication of his past.

“Yes I am, you must be David,” said Daisy. He nodded and looked down. “Well let’s get going back to the house. Piper is waiting to meet you!” As they got in the car, David never looked up and on the way to the house, he barely said two words.

As they arrived back to the house, Piper was there waiting, smiling her sweet smile with a large basket of muffins, a gift for the new guest. David got out of the car a looked around. He felt as if he was in the middle of nowhere. There were the tallest trees he had ever seen and bushes filled with flowers everywhere. In the midst of all the plant life, there was a house. It was a good size, not too big and not too small, and it looked welcoming. David suddenly perked up, realizing that he wasn’t with his mother anymore. No more beatings and eating out of the garbage. This was a new start. It was a chance for David to overcome everything that has happened to him in his past. “David! David! I’m Piper. I’m so happy to meet you!” screeched Piper. She embraced him in the biggest hug he had ever had. It felt great to David, it wasn’t someone feeling sorry for him, it was someone who actually was happy to see him.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Piper, right?” said David.

“Yes I’m Piper. I would love you to meet my brothers, but there not home. Took a trip. We’re not sure when they’ll be back, but they told us not to worry. And you don’t worry either David, you’re in wonderful hands with Daisy and myself.”

Piper and Daisy took David around the house and the property. David was in awe. There was so much space! They even had a shed hidden in the trees behind their house. “This place is really great. I’m really happy you guys allowed me to come here,” said David. “It’s exactly the new life I need.”

“Well there is a roof over our heads, we have food, and for the most part were healthy and safe,” responded Piper.

“And that’s all we could ask for,” said Daisy.

“If you don’t mind,” said David, “I would like to go in my room and rest for a while. I’ve had a long day.”

Of course!” said Daisy. “Let us know if there’s anything you need. We’ll be glad to help.”

“And most of all,” replied Piper, “welcome home.”

As David got to his room and lied down, that last sentence Piper had said stuck in his head. “Welcome home,” he said to himself. There was something nice about hearing that. It made him happy and he felt part of this family, a family he had never had before. He knew that this was his chance to get over his past, and he knew he would. There was nothing to stop him now. “Welcome home David,” he said to himself. “Welcome home.”