Monday, October 12, 2009

Sarah Dessen - Along for the Ride- Book Review

The book, Along for the Ride, is about a teenage girl named Auden and her summer before heading off to college. Auden is a night owl and never sleeps until the morning. Her parents are divorced and her father is remarried. Auden lives with her mom but decides to go and stay the summer with her father, his wife Heidi, and their daughter Thisbe. They live in a small town on the beach and there Auden goes on a quest to get a second chance at a childhood she never had. For the first time Auden has friends and a love interest. Auden has to decide what is really important in her life and what she needs to do to keep herself, her mother, her father, and her new friends happy.

One review quote that I specifically agree with is, “I love Sarah Dessen’s style and how easily it is for me to slip into the character’s world”. I agree with this quote because while I was reading this book, I did slip into the small beach town and I felt as though I knew each and every character personally.

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style because it was easy to read in the terms of a teenager. Everything that each characters said was believable and wasn’t irrelevant to something that character would say. Sarah Dessen’s writing reminds me of another one of my favorite authors, Lisi Harrison. The two authors’ writings remind me of each other because they both write teen book that are believable and I can relate to what is going on with the characters, how they act and what they say.

One quote from the book is, “He kept talking, but I’d heard this song before, knew all the words, so I just sipped my coffee.” I chose this line to reflect the authors writing style because I think that every teenager can relate to this line in some way. For example, everyone knows that line that their parents say over and over and that’s exactly what Auden means when she said that she heard this song before and knew all the words.

From this book, I learned to not take my childhood for granted. Some people grow up too fast so I learned that I should take advantage of the time I have being a kid and teenager and not rush into my adulthood.


  1. 1) I think that the author has a very good impression on the book. She seems to have enjoyed it.

    2) The reviewer noticed that everything that the author said was believable, and she could relate to it.

    3) I think that Amanda chose an interesting passage from the book because it showed the author's writing style very well. It showed how the author was clever when she wrote.

    4) I would consider reading this book, because Amanda seems to have liked it, and has explained it as a book that I would also enjoy. I also like books about the lives of teenagers, because I can relate to them, so I think I would enjoy this book.

  2. 1) Over all, it seems like Amanda enjoyed the book. She liked the fact that she could relate tot he book.

    2)Amanda noticed that the dialogue in the book was very realistic, and portrayed the way teenagers act in real life.

    3) I think that Amanda chose a good quote to respond to because as she said, it did show the author's creative writing style.

    4) I would definitely consider reading this book because Amanda had a lot of positive things to say about it. Also, it seems like a story I might be able to relate well to.